Jupiter for heating systems is part of the main company jupiter for laundry
and boilers systems, which started in 1982. For 30 years jupiter has been a leader in the
Egyptian market and established itself as a trustable brand. Derived from our firm
belief in the importance of heating systems within every modern house, we
decided to offer solutions that satisfies all customers. Since 2006, we have been
providing home owners with solutions that make their lives easier.
Jupiter offers a variety of solutions for central heating systems and water heaters/
boilers, that suits all categories from regular customers to the very luxurious. We
deal with the top producers in these fields, giving you the best quality and most
innovative products. We also have trained technicians and expert engineers that
install the central heating system or water heater in your house and are available
to offer help if an issue exists.
After entrenching our name in the fields of centralized heating and water systems,
using both electricity and natural gas, Jupiter has moved on to present its clients
with centralized heating and water systems that work with solar energy. Solar
energy is the cheapest and cleanest way of generating energy and is considered
the future. Using solar energy will help you save money while guaranteeing



Address: Plot (Mall) 122, First Sector, City Center, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo,
Cairo, Egypt

Email: info@jupiterlaundry.com

Telephones: (+202) 28 120 600 - 28 120 601

Mobile: (+202) 0100 000 62 41


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